Culture wars.

What a great day today! I went to the dentist, and have a searing headache, but nothing a little ibuprofen can’t knock out. I am thankful for my teeth, my dentist, Dr. Morales, who is short, so he doesn’t have to bend down far when he looks in my mouth, and I am thankful for ibuprofen, which makes me feel gooooood.

Last night I had fun with my new guild at my first crack at a raid with them…but I was a little worried about it at first. Get on Mumble, and there is a young woman’s voice who is obviously southern (central US time is server time, so like Greenwich Mean Time, central time is the basis for all Azerothian clocks). She opens up discussion with a statement or something about “English should be the official language of the U.S. Discuss.” 
Uh oh.
I think we all know how I feel about that. I wasn’t sure where her logic was going to go, but she said something about most countries expect us (U.S.) to speak their language. That has never been my experience in my world travels. Most foreign countries I’ve visited speak perfect English, and most speak multiple languages. In my own job, I can be exposed to over 120 languages. True story. And knowing that many have hopes and dreams of coming to the US and not being able to speak English, but working so hard to do so, I see it every day. It ain’t easy.
I did not feel like getting in some big “thing” with this new guild-mate, however. You may think less of me, you may not care, but I have learned from experience that if one has taken a position based on what Fox news reports and assumptions, it is wasted breath. Later, she asked me how I felt about Johnny Cash, and on this issue we found common ground. 
The raid was fun, make a few hiccups, but others did, too, and overall, I really like this group. I’m sure we’ll find a common language. 
But–if all else fails–Johnny Cash can’t save us…we’ll just have to study Navi’s Aussie Guide.  Because figjam. (Navi, is that a thing?)
I want this:
Needs no translation.
Coincidentally, this is the song I was thinking about the morning of the raid: Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus, covered by Johnny Cash 

Postscript: I really like my new guild, very much. And I do not care that they have different political views than mine–makes things interesting. 

"Letting the Paint Dry."

Had one of those rare evenings last night where CDR and I actually got to sit and talk, face-to-face, and not face-to-computer-to-face-to-computer. He said, in response to how I get annoyed with myself for posting stories, drabbles, etc. too quickly without following my best writing advice–let it percolate a bit before pressing “publish.” He said as long as he’s known me I have never been one to “let the paint dry,” in my art, writing, or any understaking that requires patience or distance. It’s not always a bad thing, he recognizes, but it is a “thing” I deal with. He, and my best friend since middle school, have both told me patience is my ‘karmic wheel lesson.’ I still say, “Quit burning daylight! Time’s a-wastin’!”

So again — if you see awkward phrasing, a typo, a bit of confusion, I have no one to bounce this stuff off of. I throw it out there, and know I have my (awesome, love you, sweet) readers, and you forgive many of my sins. Not sure if you’re enabling or enduring me, perhaps a bit of both.

While I may never reach the level of the great, and recently late Ray Bradbury (see Effy’s post on this too), remember that we all have a story to share, a perspective from our little trip in the kaleidoscope. Shake it up, and hold it up to the light.

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