A Warehouse of Warlocks

No, a “Warehouse of Warlocks” is not sexy. I love trying my hand at collective nouns, and Hasteur offered a great suggestion, “A Shadow Council of Warlocks.” However, I need alliteration, though. NEED IT.

If you come up with something better, please, by all means.

A Worship of Warlocks?

A Waxen of Warlocks? 

A Wayward of Warlocks?

A Wanting of Warlocks? —Hmmm- this has distinct possibilities, because let me introduce you to my latest self-imposed challenge: a warlock in every race available. Why? Well if you have to ask…

But, of course, I have rules.

I always have rules.

1. They must have red/auburn hair

2. They must all reach level 90 by the end of summer (yes, some cheating allowed by gifts of boosts)

3. They must each have a story written for them.

So, who can join the secret warlock club? Cause when you mix blue and red, you get purple.

Representing Alliance:






































Blood Elves




























Lock and Troll
Lock and Troll












She's seen some shit...
She’s seen some shit…










Lovely Escarlata
Lovely Escarlata

When it comes to Warlocks, somehow all my race biases fall away. Worgen look amazing as Warlocks, and of course Orcs are born to the fel-fire. Does it bother me the Horde Warlocks outnumber the Alliance? Perhaps. I love an even playing field, but alas, warlocks are not about playing fair.

And I will ad this – I totally get my dear friend Tome. When I glance in the mirror and see all the flaws, and the weathering, sometimes I just want to pack it in. Forget the lotion and under-eye concealer! I have a hundred little eyes looking at me every day, searching for signs of stress, and they are my little mirrors: “You look happier today, Miss Matty,” or “Yesterday you seemed grumpy, but today you seem better, less stressed.” Really, I don’t even need mirrors anymore. But I looked up the ‘smile in the mirror ad’ this morning, and came across this parody. Now that made me laugh. My Azerothian characters make me smile, and warlocks most of all. If anyone wants to join me in the “Dressed to the Nines” challenge of sorts, please – BYOI (Bring Your Own Imp).

Oh, and this is no octopus, but a demon disguised as one:

9 thoughts on “A Warehouse of Warlocks”

  1. ROTFLMAO! Even I don’t think I look like a zoo animal yet. This interests me, anything involving Warlocks does. I must take stock. I have many, many Warlocks strewn across the kingdoms.

    1. I would be interested to see what you find. Even just getting a few all the way would be fun, and much more fun to go with a friend!

    1. Thank you my dear! And yes, Wanton of Warlocks works beautifully! Congrats on the hunter’s horse, too – I tried to post a comment but the Internet thwarted me.

    2. Yes, definitely a Wanton of Warlocks!
      A while back, I contemplated making my collection of every-available-race Mages all into redheads. They pretty quickly squashed that idea — most of them are quite satisfied with the hair colors I originally rolled them with. 😛

  2. I do the same thing with those collective nouns! I’ve decided it’s a Crusade of Paladins. Though a Righteousness of Paladins would probably also work.
    I love that your locks are all redheads.

  3. A Whispering of Warlocks? A Weirdness of Warlocks? A Washroom of Warlocks? 😛 A War of Warlocks is probably the most likely to happen, in all fairness!

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