OLRG: Infinite Potential Not Found


I had this dream this morning that I lost my big silver ring, stamped with the words, “Infinite Potential.” I retraced my steps, and a man cleaning a kitchen told me not to give up, and right when I did, found it in the sink. No need to contact Dr. Freud on this one.

Wonderful friend asked me last night about finding a proper guild last night. I’m not sure what he is looking for, but I know he enjoys raiding and was always a cracker-jack, dependable, and intelligent player. I told him about the only two I was really familiar with – Hawtpocket’s The Rubber Ducky Society, and of course, mine, the Drunken Fish. In any case, it does take time to find a good fit for a guild, and often when you do, the dynamics change and can leave a player distraught or thrilled.

lost cat awesome

I also have a big problem: tomorrow a ready-to-publish piece of writing is due for my writing class, and I have diddly-squat. I think I may cheat and review a Mrs. Whitworth story, and I have many story starters in mind, but nothing seems cogent. Today is jam-packed from morning till evening, so not sure when I planned on getting this done. I can’t write at work –unless I bring my own laptop, potentially everything I create on my work laptop could belong to my workplace, and I can’t have that. Write by hand, you say? Sure, I suppose I could do that. And then frantically type away after I meet a friend for wine and appetizers, give CD Rogue a kiss hello (he was on a business trip yesterday, and I haven’t been able to say hello yet), and help the Matty-shack ready for the weekend… Sounds like a job for Mrs. Whitworth! TO THE CANON PRINTER!

No wonder why I dreamed of lost things. But they were found, fortunately.

So my Old Ladies: if you are around on Sunday I would love to try to get some things together, or last Saturday afternoon. I should be home around 4 or 5, which may be too late for us on Saturday. We still need dragons, people. Dragon ponies all ’round!

Postscript: What the hell did the Blizzard artists do to Sylvanas and Varian? Erg…

They look way too bad Anime for my taste...
They look way too bad Anime for my taste…

good screen

9 thoughts on “OLRG: Infinite Potential Not Found”

  1. I also was not a fan of that style – Wei’s art is so much better. And I do like the new Baine pic on the loading screen.

    And I am afraid there is too much between the lines here for me to comprehend! I shall have to ask you later.

  2. I definitely agree with you about Varian and Sylvanas on that loading screen picture. Though I hadn’t even noticed Varian’s face until you pointed it out because every time I looked at it I kept getting stuck going wtf at Sylvanas then eventually migrating my eyes down to try and decide if I liked that depiction of Lor’themar or not and then the game would load.
    I think Mrs. Whitworth is a winning choice and I’m very much hoping to be there tomorrow. I do love some dragon ponies.:D

      1. Yes, there seems to be evidence of steroids. Fortunately for the Azerothian Olympics, no one tests for these substances. I think his arms got put on backwards, too, in the patch. Hot fix!

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