Guess what?

Did you know that in your Systems Folder, under Advanced, there is a little check button that will change your life?

systemNow, I’ll have to change it when I play Kellda, because I really do love the new Dwarf female models. And, of course, it’s not what the rest of the world sees. I’m trying to start a movement that no one has on the new models (except for the good ones, such as Dwarfs), and Blizzards gets a clue.

ah that's better

8 thoughts on “UNCHECK PLEASE”

  1. I also have the old character models shown. Been trying to report bug (in-game, twitter and official forum) about the white light in their eyes being turned off since patch.

    1. It must be because Blizzard killed them, and the best they can offer is a Zombie Jesus Draenei. I’m just annoyed that first, if you change your model to original it’s not how the rest of the world sees her, and second, that you can’t do it character-by-character. But we persevere.

    1. I love that hat – but agreed – we shouldn’t have to suffer from ‘helmet hair’ because Blizzard artists took such a huge misstep! Ah well. At least we have a button to check. /sigh

  2. I’m still trying to come to terms with mine, but the human Warlock … I don’t know what’s going to happen there. Every time I look at her I think of a frightened puppy, not very warlockish at all.

  3. I too have been clicking that button on the offending new models. It’s sad that Blizzard ignored all of the feedback from beta testers on the new models (what else were we there for except to report issues?).

    1. But this is the truth: everyone needs to click that damn button OFF. Blizzard WILL pay attention to UI clicks and will eventually take action. Trust me on this. UNCHECK THE BOX!

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