Devil you know.

Not trying to poach another blogger’s content, just sharing an article I found interesting:

In real life, I am also in a position of leadership. There is a ‘buck stops here’ philosophy one must take if in any capacity, shape, or form there are delegated obligations and responsibilities. I think about one huge project in particular my colleagues “should” help me with, but in the war of attrition between those in “leadership” and those who, well, aren’t getting paid extra to be a “leader”*, I guess, the divide grows. I think of the Little Red Hen parable quite often: I’ll ask everyone if they want to help me bake the bread, but in the end, I’ll do it, and still have to share, whether they helped or not. Little Red Hen got the bread all to herself and her chicks. I envy her sometimes.

Well, Superman didn’t have the luxury or inclination to give everyone credit checks on the planes and trains of those he was rescuing. He just did it. But players are human, not superhuman, no matter how big of shoulders they have to carry everyone, or how scoundrel and meanly-spirited they behave. Finally, finally, made it through Zul’Aman on my tank the other day. After one misguided mob wipe, was kicked. Shrug. I rage-quit after a mage was telling me to use consecrate in not-a-very-nice way, among other things and tone he had. Two better paladins than I, have told me to take consecrate off of my action bar. It’s a waste of mana. I wanted his attitude to be gone, and shamefully admit I did try to kick him. Guess other players told him, and then he proceeded to call me the part of underwear that does its job. I had to go. Not going to argue with him anymore. Interestingly enough, he said, after calling me this choice name, that we were in the same guild. Not sure how truthful he was being, but, if he is, he should step up and say something. If he has an alt on our server and in our guild, that may be grounds enough for me to permanently hide guild chat.

Finally, though, called in the reinforcements–those members of my guild who have my back, who are courteous, funny, and confident. Got through it. Had some issues at the end, but gave me the chance to reflect on what I need to change and practice as a tank. Funny–Zul’Gurub is awesome as a tank, and Zul’Aman, for me, is awful. Just the opposite feeling from my sparky little shaman. Being on both sides of the shield has given me an interesting perspective.

Not sure what my point is. Maybe it’s just that in the human-factor dynamic of any cooperative time spent together, there are ups and downs. No harm, no foul – just trying to do what’s right.

Took a much-needed break from grinding Valor Points on shaman this past week, and focused on tank and priest. And it was–nice.

*I am using sarcastic quote marks because I’m a lazy writer this morning.


Before they made the procession to the hero’s tomb, Guarf gently admonished Luperci, whispering, “This is not a tourist attraction, lassie. This is a solemn day. We may celebrate a life well-lived in the service of others, but not our own vanity.” Luperci nodded. She was trying to comprehend the gravitas of the moment, but was still too young to completely understand. Her path had been chosen for her long before the path to Uther’s monument was laid. They said their prayers to themselves, and kept their own counsel on their thoughts.

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