The Worst.

the car is ruined

This is a tale of two cloaks, closing in on the end of an expansion, neglected and beloved characters who, hats and helms in hand, requested of their human to just see…just try…and it turns into a tale of OCD, annoyance, and losing zen.

Haanta, dutifully, and sans complaint, scoured the Timeless Isle, picking up whatever scraps of leather, like some bloodthirsty park keeper, and getting pretty decent gear from Ordos. Why not get a cloak? WHY NOT?! She was lagging behind the others, and she needed to get the 3000 Valor Points for Wrathion. What he’s doing with all this stuff: might as well be collecting ears and toe nail clippings, the little creep. Turns out, and I had forgotten this, the good and bad news: you can purchase valor with Timeless Isle coins: valor cap is 1000 per week.

Okay, okay, so she’ll wait, no big whoop. And then week three:

2980/3000 WHATTHE

All right, all right, deep cleansing breaths: Ceniza, how are you doing? You’re further along the process, and how she got further along I have no idea. Mages. Must have been moonlighting for arcane power and sheep herding late at night when no one was looking. Anyway, all she needs now are the Secrets. Then the thing. Then the other

Ceniza: I get it
Ceniza: I get it

thing. And the trillium, mustn’t forget that. And the other stones and stuff, and then the other stuff and things. But Ceniza still, (and I’ll slip into third-person voice to repress this) is a terrible fire mage. She is. I did some cursory reading of Icy Veins, and some things are starting to make sense. But some things—aren’t. Her gear’s not great, but it’s not bad, and she’s always playing blink-catch up, and it’s on cool down.

She always looks fantastic though, because that’s what matters:

The Green Mage
The Green Mage

But after much thought, I realized if “they” don’t fix this thing with the Area 51 Alien bug eyes, every character will be a Dwarf:



Every. Last. One.

But hey, it’s not the end of the world, is it? All in due time. Unless of course you want to play in my end of the world mog contest, then yes, tomorrow is the day. Email me your entry and screenshot – mataoka. Till then–and be glad hair styles have changed:


8 thoughts on “The Worst.”

  1. I’ve been having those race change thoughts as well. Might end up with just dwarfs and pandas in the end…(‘cus they aren’t changing the pandas, right?)

  2. I recently dual-specced my Blood Elf Mage to Fire because I wanted to experiment with Fire Mage fire — in comparison to Elemental Shaman Fire and Destruction Warlock fire — without having to level one of my level 30-ish dedicated Fire Mages. I haven’t looked up any help, either, just trying to figure it out as I go along. I feel very awkward and clumsy with it still, but I’m beginning to figure some things out to make it flow better and be more fun.

    My submission for the End of the World mog contest is the “Space Opera Jumpsuit” that Kaprikka is wearing in my recent mog post — that’s most likely what she *was* wearing when her world *did* end. Kaprikka was born, raised, and spent most of her life in Farahlon (Netherstorm). There are many Draenei ruins there but no orcish ones, so I’ve never been sure if the Draenei there were in fact destroyed by the orcs or if they managed to survive mostly unscathed until the blood elves came along. In any case, the complete shattering of Kaprikka’s life would have occurred when Kael’thas’s lackeys stormed Tempest Keep and again when they sabotaged the Exodar in which she thought she’d managed to escape. Her pet of choice is Peanut, the juvenile blue Elekk that she’d been carefully training and helping to raise ever since the day of his birth — not so much because he was helpful to her physical survival, but because his presence was immeasurably helpful to her psychological/emotional survival.

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