Sometimes…you get the bear!

CD Rogue wanted to watch The Golden Compass again tonight, because it reminded him of how much he loves his polar bear mount in game. He had mentioned it about a week or so ago, and I decided to venture back to Brunnhildar Village to try my luck, too. I absolutely love turning into a Vykrul there, but never once did the dailies. While he was watching it, even though I am sleepy, and ready to relax, I thought I would try my luck again….call it serendipity, call it pure, dumb luck, but there was a big “squeeee!” in the Matty-shack tonight:


The Golden Compass series is one on my list of books….as soon as I’m done with this one and that one; in the meantime, I absolutely love this mount. That is how we feel, isn’t it? We are as powerful and brave as Lyra, as fierce as a flying witch…
Thanks, Gretta. I shall return, because we are sisters of the north…

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