Mataoka’s Dream House

A beautiful picture of Mataoka always makes me feel better...old model
A beautiful picture of Mataoka always makes me feel better…old model

I wish there was an English word that meant love/hate all at once – like schadenfreude means ‘pleasure in others’ pain’ or something like that. Ambiguity or ambivalence doesn’t quite cut it.

What do I love about WoD? I am digging everything Big Bear said.

With a big, big butt but:

I wish my alts, which are really other mains, could be part of the same garrison, which Grimmtooth underscored in a comment.

I am dreading going through this content x4, or x5. Who do I leave behind? Zeptepi, who is a master tailor and enchanter? Momokawa, who is an excellent herbalist and alchemist? What about Kellda? Inscription and herbalist, and power-house of damage? Maybe Haanta gets left behind, but with her leather-working and skinning, she is my second true love. Okay, then Ceniza, fiery mage of passion and humor? Sorry, Lady Ceniza, you’re not welcome?

Why can’t I have ALL my ladies of Draenor come live in the same garrison, under one roof?

Too much to hope for.

I am breaking my vow of silence over this issue. I’m not even sorry. When I saw that Blizzard posted a cute little animation about their model changes, I saw only white-hot rage. And to read the comments, about how many players can’t wait to see Blood Elves. I say be careful what you wish for, dear players. They could give your beloved characters dead-eye stare of Draenei, the soulless mocking apathy, or the hysterical, hyper-exaggerated amateurish, mouth-lit human female model, or the bovine Tauren. I’m sorry – I am still bitter.

Damn – and Luperci! Her blacksmithing skills are incredible.




13 thoughts on “Mataoka’s Dream House”

  1. What kills me is how they got so many models right, and so many so very wrong. It’s like there were two teams, one wearing pants on head, while the other team aced it ever time. I love the new Gnomes, I love the way they move. Dwarves, not bad at all, and again the animations are a zillion times better than the old. But then there are those others … ew.

    1. Exactly. And I think I can confirm that the head dude, one Chris R. was indeed wearing his pants, er, ego, on his head. The Dwarfs are incredible, and gnomes are just fine, though when they run now it looks like they’re carrying a full diaper load. (And what do I know? Maybe they are…) The Troll females are detailed and amazing, too. I am still in deep mourning over this, and doubt I’ll “get over it.” Oh well.

      1. Agreed. Let’s stay vocal about this. What they did is ridiculous and poorly executed. There is no excuse. I stand with you, sir!

  2. I’m still waiting with uncomfortable and not really pleasant anticipation to hear about the Blood Elves.I wish with some of these models they’d given us a test drive and let players give them a pass/fail or something. I know there will be new Blood Elves. I don’t know how to feel about it except uneasy.

    On the garrison topic, though, I think I’m feeling somewhat opposite. I’m glad I get a garrison for everybody so they can do their own things and I can experiment to my heart’s content. However, I do wish my same server alts at least could visit each other’s garrisons. Tai really wants to borrow Laen’s enchanting study and he can’t.

    1. Exactly –that makes sense, maybe two characters in one?

      I am sorry I cannot ease your trepidation about Blood Elves. But if they are not to your liking, you can join our cause!

  3. Oh, it would be wonderful if your alts could visit each others garrisons! I’ll put it on my wish list.

    The models, sigh. The only one that changed and I’ve come to terms with is Sasche the Forsaken. The humans, draenei and night elves not so much. I don’t know how Cat manages to look smug, superior and stern all at the same time but she does.

    1. That is a perfect description: there is no incentive for them to change anything because the content is do good. Maybe we can put pressure on them not to add an option that the rest of Azeroth sees the model the way we want, too.

  4. My problem with the new Tauren is that they are not bovine enough. The new, more closely-spaced nostrils and the split in the upper lip make the face look more like a sheep or a goat than a bovine. Cows have the wider-spaced nostrils and flat upper lip of the original model.

    If all your characters had the same garrison, you couldn’t get the specific profession boosts for each one’s individual skills… at least, not simultaneously. You’d still have to pick and choose whose skills your buildings would match at any given time, and you’d be doing a lot more tearing down and building new. Playing mix-and-match with the garrison buildings to suit my individual characters is one of the things I’m looking forward to about playing my alts in Warlords — though I’ll admit that I’m not thrilled about having to run Tanaan a dozen times and wish that there could be a way to skip it now that I’ve done it once Horde-side and once Alliance-side.

    1. Ah, but you’re missing the point: I want all the buildings for all the players! LOL I guess I don’t really mind have different garrisons for all; what I wish was a way to fast-forward for alts. I’m trying to enjoy the journey, but taking the same trip 5-6 times becomes not a journey of exploration, but a grind. It is what it is, and I have no real cause to complain. I can’t even figure out how to get my Town Hall to level 2, so there’s that.

      The way Tauren looked before, to me, was very minotaur-like, fierce, yet gentle when they needed to be, without apology for size or ferocity. I miss that, and not sure if that’s totally lost, or just my misplaced perception.

      1. Heh, if we could have all the buildings, then yeah, I’d want only one Garrison per faction for my whole account, too!

        I miss that gentle giant with hidden fierceness of the old Tauren model, too. I’ve thought more than once recently of switching the old models back on…

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